Motorstorm Adrenaline Pack Leaked?

We’ve just learnt that the Motorstorm: Pacific Rift – Adrenaline pack has gone live on the Hong Kong PSN Store.  This is in addition to the Speed pack, which Hong Kong and the rest of the World got yesterday.  Adrenaline features three more tracks (Reefrunner, Brimstone and Hollowed Earth), five new track varients, four more vehicles (each vehicle in each pack will have three liveries), six new characters and some more paint jobs for your existing vehicles.


As we said in our earlier story on the Adrenaline Pack, there’s no festival in this Expansion, which seems odd given that there’s new tracks, but we assume there’ll be Microbadgers.  And Microbadges.  We will wait to see if this was indeed an accident or that the Adrenaline pack was meant to go live this morning and thus we’ll be seeing it on the other Stores later today.  I’m putting money on the former, mind.

Thanks, kassatsu.