Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Speed Pack Launches Today

As we mentioned back in May, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is to get two new download packs.  Well, the first one, Speed, has just appeared on the Japanese Store and we assume that the 600MB patch pushed to us recently was to prepare the game for the DLC.  We’re 99% sure, then, that the Speed pack will not only appear on the Store later today, but will also be a small unlock file rather than anything substantial.  Speed contains three neatly named brand new tracks (Quicksands, Engorged and Dark Fire Swamp) which whilst not leaving much to the imagination will hopefully be a little easier to get around than the ones on the disk.  Alongside the raw tracks will be three new track variants (it’s not clear whether these are from the new tracks or not), four new vehicles and a fresh 48 event festival, named, yes, Speed Weekend, which will come with more Trophies and Microbadges.

The DLC is ¥800, but we’re awaiting confirmation of the Euro pricing.  We’ve updated our Store post for today to reflect this addition.