GTA DLC Heading For PS3?

Everybody loves a good rumour, especially when it involves 360 exclusives appearing on the PS3, and especially when sites use words like “confirmed” – juicy.  In this case, it’s the rumours that two additional DLC packs for the epic Grand Theft Auto IV are in development, and are heading to the PS3 (as well as the 360, obviously).

If you’ll remember, around E3 gossip was bubbling about something called “Blood and a Four Leaf Clover” and now PS3Informer is claiming that this will be the title of one of the DLC packs, which will be centred around the Irish family in the main GTA IV story thread.

Other analysts are backing up this story, suggesting that both expansions will be released in Fiscal 2010 – and better still – be followed by GTA V the next year.  Everyone remembers the $50M ‘loan’ from Microsoft for the first two expansions to be 360 exclusive, but it looks likely that the PS3 will get it’s own slice of GTA goodness soon enough.

Via PS3Informer