Modern Warfare 2: Where’s The PS3 Version?

Regardless of what Activision are going to end up calling Modern Warfare 2, it’s a little bit unnerving to find that the UK’s gaming industry all-in-one, Gamespress, currently only has the 360 version listed.  Whether or not we’re meant to think that the second box behind the 360 one in this photo is the PS3 version or the Games for Windows version we don’t know, but if it is the PS3 box then that artwork clearly isn’t final because the second doesn’t have the Sony branding.

Regardless, as of 8am this morning the game is still called “Modern Warfare 2” on Gamespress, and only has the 360 version listed.  Links to publishers Activision and developers Infinity Ward also show the game as being only on the 360.  Regarding the name of the game, Gamespress is a British site so chances are the team are still asleep and haven’t updated the page, if indeed Activision have official changed the title to include the Call of Duty branding here in the UK.

It’s worth noting that the official site for the game, along with all the major online retailers, still show the PlayStation 3 version as being available for pre-order, and chances are this is just a mix-up at Gamespress and an unfortunate photo.  We’ve dropped Activision an email this morning and hopefully they’ll be able to reply and let us know that nothing has changed with regards to the PS3 version.  The game will be on shelves on the 10th of November.