Object Publishing Coming To LittleBigPlanet

In an interview with GI.biz, Media Molecule’s Alex Evans has confirmed that they plan to allow users to publish objects.  At the moment you can only publish completed levels, or send objects to friends over PSN, but that’s about to change.  “One of the original ideas that was axed from the original game was that you could publish objects from the game online, not just levels, and you’d be credited with the use of those object,” said Evans.

“I think something like that will really boost [accessibility] – if you’re just a beginner user, you can go and browse not just for levels, but for cars, let’s say. Take that, sticker it up, and you’re done – and that will change the barriers to entry.” He also mentions tweaks to the creation tools themselves, and then re-iterates that both of those things – changing the tools themselves, and changing how you share “are coming.”


Thanks, Tuffcub.