Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Dated

We have just received confirmation of the release date of Codemasters’ new tactical shooter Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.  Our US readers will be able to pick up a copy of the game on the 6th October, those of you in continental Europe will see it on shelves on the 8th whilst here in the UK we will have to wait until the 9th to join the fight.

Originally scheduled for a June release a delay was announced in May to allow Codemasters to invest “additional development time on the project to balance the player experience throughout the game”.  With so many games slipping out of the pre-Christmas launch window lately perhaps that does leave more room for this FPS wih a heavy emphasis on realism.


OF:DR will see the you dispatched to the fictional oil-rich Russian island of Skira as part of a US Marines and Special Forces deployment with the aim of taking back the island from an invading Chinese military force.  Unlike the mini islands in BF1943 Skira is a 220km square area where the full force of the American military can be brought to bear upon the invaders with contemporary amphibious assault vehicles, battle tanks and attack helicopters all making an appearance.

The screenshots below are almost certainly from the PC version, Codemasters do not say, but they will give you an idea of the level of realism the game is aiming for.