TSA Fixes: inFamous

As a rather unfortunate event meant a rather hectic week for me last week, you had to miss out on your fix for the week. Fear not though, TSA Fixes is back and will now be including the community in traditional TSA fashion. Each week I shall provide three options for next weeks fix, with the most voted by the end of Wednesday becoming that weeks choice. For this week choose between; LittleBigPlanet, Saints Row 2, Street Fighter IV. Currently we don’t have polls working on the site so just leave your suggestions in the comments.


1. Electricity = Anti-gravity?


So you master the power of electricity? Fantastic. You can go around zapping enemies in the nads for your own amusement whilst humming a jolly tune without breaking a sweat. However, you do run rather weird which takes a bit of the coolness away but I’ll look past that as you can scale massive buildings with relative ease. Wait, what? How can you climb apartment blocks now? Surely it takes forever to get back down though? What? You just jump off? How does that make any sense? Why does having an electrical current coursing through your veins mean you can survive a drop from a ridiculous height? Sometimes it’s like they just make these things up.

2. Like treacle you say…

Parkour is extremely fun. Well, I expect it would be, it’s not like I can actually do it, but Cole plays out that particular fantasy to a certain degree. I know that climbing to insane heights isn’t exactly parkour but it’s still pretty ace. That is, when you’re not sticking to the bottom of a billboard because there are no other predefined grabable ledges nearby for you to attach yourself to. When I mysteriously begin to move to one side whilst in mid-flight as if someone felt the need to push me, in order to grab onto a ledge that I didn’t want to, you know somethings wrong.

3. What a bitch!

Now without spoiling the plot for those of you yet to dive into Empire City, your two so-called friends are bastards. I hated them both throughout the entire game and wondered why zapping them with thousands of volts didn’t even make them flinch. Firstly there is Zeke, a character who you share no moral, social or emotional similarities but still continues to follow you around like a bad smell whilst you refuse to get rid of him. Then there’s Trish, your girlfriend who blames you for the death of her sister because you were holding the bomb that blew up. Err hello? I was only delivering the bomb, it blew me up as well, wasn’t exactly my fault.

4. Up there!

Empire City is filled with towering buildings providing a lot of fantastic sandbox verticality to the title. Why is it then that the majority of the patrolling enemies reside on the rooftops of said buildings? If I have to climb up the side of so many residences, then surely they have to also, otherwise show me the bloody staircase they are using.

5. Hello Dr. Evil…

Karma systems are a great idea for a game, if they’re done properly. Personally, having to be a saint or Beelzebub to utilize the best powers kind of defeats the point in having a Karma system. All it does is make you play through the game twice to see and use all of the content. A Karma system should have no easy differentiation between choices and give no obvious indication (like a karma meter) of what your karma is.

How would you change inFamous? Also, which game do you want to get the TSA Fixes treatment next week, LittleBigPlanet, Saints Row 2 or Street Fighter IV?