PS3 Slim: August, According to 1Up

Despite the fact that anybody that has heard anything about future PlayStation hardware will be under NDA it hasn’t stopped the likes of IGN (and now 1UP) throwing around the concept of the much rumoured PS3 Slim in their podcasts.  To be fair, the concept of a new smaller, lighter PlayStation 3 has been making the rounds for months now and as we’ve said in the past we’re fairly sure we’ll hear something at Gamescom next month.

Regardless, David Ellis, from American multi-format site 1UP said on their latest podcast that the PS3 Slim is “gonna be in August” following that with “everything I’ve heard says it’s coming in August, it’s tied with Madden.”  Madden, eh?  Well, not over here, we’ve no idea who Madden is apart from seeing him on the box of an old Megadrive game, but if Sony are planning on running the PS3 Slim in a bundle we’ll probably not see that sort of deal on these shores for a little while yet.

Ellis also claims that this is the reason Activision were spitting their dummy out recently – because Sony are bundling the PS3 Slim with an EA game, not an Activision one.  I personally think this is nonsense, Kotick’s bullish demands for a price cut were exactly that, and unless Activision were happy to run some kind of deal with the next Call of Duty title I can’t really see what they’d have that would be such a crowd puller as the annual game of American Footie.  Still, rumours make for a tasty breakfast, so take all that with a healthy bowl of milk.

Thanks, xzero1299-PR, via NextGN.