Is Guerrilla Shifting Focus to Killzone 3?

Killzone 2 is perhaps one of if not the biggest PS3 title. The title shows just what Sony’s black box of wonders is truly capable of and is an amazing technical achievement. Together with state of the art graphics and physics mixed with a lengthy and action packed campaign, there is the extensive multiplayer experience that Guerrilla Games have continued to support with top notch downloadable content.

We have had map packs to add variety and environmental features such as a nuclear explosion and overhanging signal boxes that serve to take off the head of anyone foolish enough to venture on the top of a speeding bullet train. We have had patches to improve the experience and cater for all the moaners about the control scheme, which is testament to Guerrilla Games dedication to bringing the community what it wants – something many developers should take note of.


Today you have the chance to heat things up and to make sure your enemies stick around and experience two new levels from different view points with the flamer and bolt gun included in the Napalm and Cordite DLC. Nobody can argue with the fact that Guerrilla Games have given us top quality support and exceptional value for money, making an already epic title even bigger and better.

It is a little daunting (and perhaps exciting) then to hear that Guerrilla Games are stepping back from Killzone 2 as Seb Downie QA Manager for the GG has stated over at the Playstation EU blog. He goes on to mention how the staff has worked non-stop and very hard since the disc version was released, releasing patches, DLC and tweaking Apparently the staff are to step back and reflect on what is out there, meaning it is anyone’s guess as to where their focus is going now. Could they be working on a Killzone 3 already?

Perhaps, but naturally unconfirmed at such an early stage in the life of Killzone 2. Maybe they are looking to create another title in the series for the PSP and back Sony’s statement that developers remain committed to the handheld system. Maybe they are literally taking a break and I personally think they deserve one. If indeed they are working on a new title though I have no doubt that it will be another top quality experience and believe they have cemented themselves as one of the biggest contributors to this generations offerings of superb games.

Now hurry up and update the damned PSN store! I fancy some TSA fried clanner!