Double XP on KillZone2

We missed this one last night, it’s been a long week at TSA Towers and we were all busy drinking tequila and singing pirate songs to the moon.

Never mind, we’re letting you know now. Killzone 2 is several hours into its first double XP weekend which is great news if you’d like to rattle up some points in your pursuit for global recognition. The timing is perfect for those of you who took advantage of this week’s fantastic PSN store update and bagged yourself some new maps.

You’ll get a 2.5 multiplier for every win and even if you lose you’ll get a 1.5 multiplier. This is for individual’s points only and will not affect Clan Valour. Which is alright, our boys are already well stocked in that department!

It is very encouraging to see Killzone still active and still making news this long after its release. We know that it has been announced that Guerilla Games are taking a step back from development for the game but that doesn’t mean that the PlayStation’s best-looking shooter is finished with. We predict more weekends like this and hopefully that will be enough to keep the thriving Killzone community interested for many months to come.

Source: US Blog Thanks, teflon