Borderlands Has A Lot Of Guns

Even prior to the graphical style change, Borderlands was the game with a crazy number of weapons. I seem to recall they originally announced back-in-the-day, that the game would have around half a million weapon combinations, which is more than enough for any game. Well it seems that Gearbox felt that wasn’t enough. During its first hands-on debut in New York City, the guys over at MTV Multiplayer noticed something in the debug menu. This menu was basically a massive databased of all the possible combinations of guns you can have in the game, which included the total number of guns that can be created.

Unless you cheat, you would need to find a new gun every single minute for just over 6 years to find them all. The current number of weapons sits at a staggering 3,166,880, which could still yet increase by the time the game hits shelves in October. Don’t expect to have the same gun as your mates then. Oh and for the record, I guessed a million before I found out.

Source: MTV Multiplayer