Sony’s New Motion Control Out Before Natal

THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell has stated that Microsoft’s ‘Natal’ motion control system will be released “late next year”. Microsoft’s own CEO Steve Balmer also made claims in June that the Natal system would be coming late 2010, which were later retracted by Microsoft with an official “We have not confirmed a launch date at this time”. So after two sources mentioning the same time frame, should we consider XBox’s motion control to be ready in time for next year’s Christmas?

Last month, Reghardware claimed Sony were planning to bring their own iteration of motion controls to the PlayStation 3 in Spring 2010. So with Microsoft hinting that they’ll be ready two seasons later, could Sony be able to step their foot in the door first and grab the sales before Microsoft? A lot of advertising will be needed to make it sell, and it seems that Microsoft has already thrown a lot of money at the production of family-friendly television advertisements, looking at this year’s E3. Advertising being something that Sony haven’t really gotten to grips with this generation, we’re going to need to see some hefty ads arriving to tell the family viewer that they can get an advanced interactive experience on the PS3 if we want to see the product sell to the right target audience.

Source: Reghardware