Cheap Games And Great Deals

Nearly a year ago we launched a feature in our forums with the aim of sharing knowledge of ‘Cheap Games And Great Deals’ and over all that time the thread has becoming an indispensable source for saving money. With all the talk recently about future price rises in the games industry it’s sometimes easy to forget there are bargains to be had, and there are plenty of them.


+ 500GB External HDD – £52.21 (for all your back up needs)
+ Dead Space – £9.99
+ Bioshock – £11.95
+ Mirrors Edge – £10.66
+ MGS4 – £14.99 (Cheaper than the platinum version)
+ Saint’s Row 2 – £14.69
+ Fear 2 – £15.42
+ RS Vegas 2 – £7.72 (Cheaper than the platinum version)
+ Condemned 2 – £6.25
+ Stranglehold – £4.93
+ Fracture – £7.45
+ Lair – £1.77 (Seriously!)
+ LBP – £11.99

+ Star Wars Force Unleashed – £12.97
+ Prince of Persia (Standard version plus expansion pack) – £17.99
+ Prince of Persia (Exclusive with comic, bonus disc and other goodies) – £16.29
+ Tomb Raider: Underworld – £11.97
+Alone in the Dark: Inferno – £11.75
+ Sacred 2 – £34.99 (Collectors edition)
+ Chronicles of Riddick – £15.99
+ The Orange Box – £11.99
+ BIA: Hells Highway: £9..99
+ Timeshift – £9.47
+ The Club – £4.47
+ COD4 GOTY edition – £28.99

+ Fuel – £12.79
+ Mercs 2 – £8.99

As a 24hr spectacular (ending 8am Wednesday GMT +1) The Hut  are holding a 10% off sale, the pick of the bunch appears to be Batman Arkam Asylum for £22.44 which kind of makes their standard price look a bit on the cheap side, all you have to do to get he lower price is enter ‘HUT10’ during the checkout process.

Remember – there is a chance the deals will have changed by the time you get there, delivery charges may apply, and the websites terms and conditions apply not TSA’s and all the usual yada yada.

If you do miss out there’s no point having a whine about it, but instead either visit TSA more regularly or better still visit the long-standing ‘Cheap Games And Great Deals’ thread in our forums which is constantly updated. Anyone is able to contribute to the thread so if you feel like helping a brother out, then next time you see a gaming bargain either in the real world or online just let everyone else share the lovin’ by posting in the thread.

Please let us know in the comments below if you’d like to see us make a regular feature out of this or if you’re happy with it ticking along nicely in the forums.

Thanks: RocketSOL, Ducer15.