Great Deals: Hardware Edition


The ‘Cheap Games & Great Deals’ is a long running feature on TheSixthAxis, a while ago it made the transition from the forums to the main site, and after a week off due to the hullabaloo that was Gamescom it’s back.  For those that don’t know the thread in the forum is a place where you can pick up great tips of where to get a gaming bargain, either in the real or online worlds. Of course it wouldn’t work if people didn’t share the love so if you see a bargain that’s too good to miss then make sure you let everyone know by posting in the forum thread.


With the official release of the new slimmer, cheaper PS3 and the price reduction/hike on the 360 it makes sense that for this week we take a peek at the best hardware deals around, earlier today we had a look at the pros and cons of the RRPs of both consoles, both the initial outlay and the long term cost of ownership. This post however is all about the competitive retailer discounting and what should be the best deals around.


For your PlayStation 3 requirements as usual seem to have the pick of the bunch by having the cheapest PS3 Slim around and some great bundles, but don’t discount who have a great bundle themeselves. On the 360 front and again offering the best deals currently.


  • PS3 Slim 120GB – £249.96
  • PS3 80GB with either Ghostbusters or inFAMOUS – £244.69

  • PS3 Slim 120GB with Fallout 3, HDMI Cable & Dead Of The Dead Blu-ray movie – £249.73
  • PS3 80GB – £299.73

  • PS3 Slim 120GB – £229.99
  • PS3 Slim 120 GB with Battlefield Bad Company & Fallout 3 – £249.99
  • PS3 Slim 120GB with Fuel, Damnation & Dead Space – £249.99
  • PS3 80GB – £199.99


  • Xbox 360 Elite – £194.77
  • Xbox 360 Arcade with Sega Superstars Tennis – £134.99

  • Xbox 360 Elite – £199.99
  • Xbox 360 Elite with Scene It! (inc. 4 buzzers), You’re In the Movies (inc. Camera), Banjo Kazooie – £199.99
  • Xbox 360 Elite with Fight Night R4, Resident evil 5 and extra controller – £199.99
  • Xbox 360 Elite with Halo 3, GoW 2, Wireless Network Adapter, 12m Gold Sub, 4,200 MS Points – £299.99
  • Xbox 360 Arcade – £134.99

At this moment in time it may be safe to assume that all bricks and mortar retailers will be selling the consoles at or extremely near the RRP, but if you’re in your gaming retailer or supermarket of choice and you see a great offer be sure to share the love in our forum post.