OMG Girlz Play Too

Sony, in their infinite wisdom, have launched themselves whole-heartedly at the casual market. The lilac PSP bundled with Hannah Montana goodness is a key part of that strategy and with that in mind they have launched a section on the US PlayStation site which is firmly pitched at what Sony thinks girlz want.



I might be alone in thinking this but that is just about the worst, most cringe-worthy piece of poorly targeted marketing strategy I’ve seen since the mid-ninteties trend for putting kids in backwards baseball caps on skateboards to advertise everything. It’s probably going to make them millions.

With this move Sony look to be taking on the ridiculously popular Nintendo DS in its own backyard: ‘the tween market’ which is responsible for a sizable amount of the DS’s huge 100m+ unit sales. As we reported some time ago Sony were making their first moves into that demographic by releasing a Lilac coloured PSP Hannah Montana bundle, and a handful of games in which you can look after a pet puppy or hamster. I’m no stranger to these games as my daughter has loads of them, and I’ve spent many an hour stoking all manner of animals trying to make a smiley face appear above its head so my little one can get to the next level.

This new GirlzPlayToo mini-site is made up of a few different sections, the first is ‘See The Fun games for girls’ a quick look reveals a paltry selection of games including Pangya Golf, Petz and Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs – not the biggest selection of tween games ever to grace a console which is presumably why they’ve drafted in Loco Roco 2 & Patapon to pad the section out. Next up is ‘Explore the PSP’s Features’ this is the section that usually tells us menfolk how many megaflips and gigabobs the machines is capable of, but handily Sony’s ommited those details infavour of talking about viewing photos in a cool slideshow, download games, movies (not in Europe obviously) & more and even talk to friends on Skype – Well girlz will be girlz. The third section gives the ability to customise a PSP, I made one with pink and lilac stripes, with a cute dog character on one side, I then stuck a dirty great sticker over my dog by mistake so I gave up in search of the fourth section.

‘What Game Character Are You’ is one of those quiz type things that appear in magazines which my better half always seems to be doing when she wants me to make her a cup of tea or something. It turns out the character I’d be is Loco Roco “You bring energy and music everywhere you go! If given the chance, you’d swing on vines, swim underwater and leap over fields just to be with your friends. Then you’d probably start singing”

Obviously Sony don’t mind patronising tweenage girls (sorry girlz) but my daughter hopes she isn’t patronising you when she says the analogue nubbin is rubbish for stroking horses, and she can’t see it working too well for training dolphins, as picks up her DS and gets to work with the stylus on the touch screen.

Let us know in your comments whether you’ve ever seen anything more patronising than this campaign, and also What Game Character You Are, using the Linkety McLink below.

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