New PSP Bundles Detailed

If you have decided not to wait for the PSPgo to be released because of it’s high price or lack of obvious benefits compared to a PSP-3000 and are looking to get into PSP gaming then perhaps one of three new PSP bundles recently detailed by Sony will tempt you.

First up is what may be SCEE’s answer to SCEA’s attempt to grab the ‘tween’ girl gamer market with their Hannah Montana bundle; the Petz: My Puppy Family and Petz: My Baby Hamster bundle.  I am sure that you will all agree that the arrival of Ubisoft’s Petz series of games is a major milestone in this year of the PSP.

As the bundle’s name suggests, alongside the Pearl White PSP are both puppy and hamster petting games.  No sniggering at the back it is not that sort of petting.  Also included to further illustrate Sony’s target market for this bundle is a pink fluffy PSP case and “dog-themed screenwipe and skin”.  Perhaps this bundle could also be useful in rehabilitating the members of our Killzone 2 clan when they rotate off the battlefields of Helghan?

The second of the three bundles is part of Sony’s big Monster Hunter marketing campaign as they and Capcom hope to emulate the incredible sales that the franchise has seen in Japan.  So if you have grown tired of Pokémon on your DS and fancy hunting dragons with up to three friends this could be the one for you.

This Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite bundle packages the game with a Mystic Silver PSP as well as a Monster Hunter branded PSP case, screen wipe and PSP skin “to coolly customise your PSP for the ultimate Monster Hunter experience”.

The last bundle includes a new colour of PSP that will also be available for purchase separately on the same day the bundle releases.  The Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince bundle comes with a Vibrant Blue PSP and the opportunity to guide Hogwarts most famous student through his sixth year of school with the chance to get sidetracked by Ron’s romantic entanglements.  We doubt that will be a Leisure Suit Larry style mini-game featuring an interactive Hermione though.

Purchasers of this pack also miss out on screen wipes and skins that are included in the other bundles as the only extra in this one is a simple black PSP-branded pouch.  With the skins seemingly a cheap SCEE interpretation of the custom-printed PSPs that tend to populate similar Japanese bundles you are likely not missing out on much.

There are no confirmed prices or release dates for these bundles yet but we expect the Petz one to become available when the games are released this Friday, 19th June, with the Monster Hunter bundle following a week later on the 26th and the Harry Potter bundle completing the trilogy on the 3rd july.