News Round-Up: 19/06/09

It is a slow news day at the end of a slow news week if you ignore Activision threatening to drop support for Sony consoles unless Sony reduce their hardware prices.  We know that you, our readers, are always hungry for PlayStation-related news though, so here are a few tasty morsels that were not worth their own posts.

Super Stardust HD Price Reduced Next Week


Super Stardust HD (SSHD) is one of the PSN’s shining lights.  An extremely well executed twin-stick shoot ’em up and the first game to get a trophy patch (which may explain some of its popularity).  SCEE have announced that next week the price of the game will be reduced to celebrate the second anniversary of its PSN release.

For one week only, from 25th June 2009 until 2nd July 2009, you will be able to pick up SSHD for the low, low price of €1.99.  No UK price has been announced but we would expect it to be around £1.69 to £1.79.  If you are one of the few who have yet to treat yourself to one of PSN’s best games go ahead and give SSHD a go.  You are unlikely to be disappointed (unless you like your trophies nice and easy).

Hannah Montana PSP Bundle Confirmed for UK

Looking to buy a new PSP this coming October but worried that your pocket money will not stretch to the £230 likely to be required to get your grubby mitts on a slide-y new PSPgo?  Sony have confirmed that they will be sliding another colourful PSP-3000 onto the PSP’s increasing paint chart-like retail shelves.

The new Lilac Purple PSP-3000 (which is it Sony, lilac or purple?) joins the existing Piano Black, Mystic Silver, Pearl White and Radiant Red PSPs along with the soon to be released Vibrant Blue.  The even better news for those of you keen to get hold of Miley Cyrus’ alter ego is that the new more ‘feminine’ coloured PSP (Sony’s claim not ours) will be available in a bundle including the “top music game” Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show.

BD-Live To Get Links To IMDb movieIQ

During the PS3’s genesis Sony were stressing the fact that it was much more than just a games console.  One of the PS3’s other abilities is as a Blu-ray disc player, something that it excels at and it is only recently that Blu-ray players cheaper than the PS3 have become available that can perform to a similar or, in a few cases, higher level.

An evolving standard, Blu-ray’s latest Profile 2.0 brought with it a new feature called BD-Live.  BD-Live allowed an Internet-connected Blu-ray player to download a variety of content which has so far been largely limited to new trailers and the odd special feature, leading many to consider it worthless.

Sony are attempting to address that with a new feature called movieIQ.  Sony purchased Gracenote last year, who you might be familiar with as the creators CDDB.  Gracenote also provide Video Explore which “allows users to search the online Gracenote video database, linking together related cast, crew, movies, TV episodes, franchises, seasons, DVDs, and Blu-rays” and “contains rich video information for North America, Europe, and Japan, including factual metadata, synopses, credits, and detailed descriptive elements”.

Sony say that they “know many people interrupt their movie-watching experience to look up the filmography of an actor or to find out more about a song playing in the background”.  Not sure how true that is but movieIQ will allow you to access that kind of information without getting up from your seat.

Blu-ray titles with movieIQ will start being released in September this year and and will include Angels & Demons, Easy Rider, Punch Drunk Love, The Quick and the Dead, Silverado and sex, lies, and videotape.  Sony have called movieIQ the “first killer-app for BD-Live”.  We only have to wait a few months to get our chance to be the judges of that.

Sources: SCEE and Engagdet