RTL: “PS3 Price Drop Soon”

RTL, Europe’s largest TV and media company, appears to be claiming that retailers and wholesalers are pointing to a 100 Euro price drop very soon, taking the 80 GB model down to 299 Euros.  Naturally, this isn’t the first time this week that we’ve heard talk of a price cut, but coming from RTL makes us sit up and notice even though they aren’t being very specific with “some retailers claim”.  That’s the problem, no-one’s flat out said anything concrete.  Yet.

However, the article is quite revealing for those looking for PS3 Slim info.  “On parle de 299 euros, soit 100 euros de moins que la version actuelle de 80 GB, livrée avec un jeu récent,” says the site referring to the wholesalers pointing at a price drop any day now.  “Ce n’est pas tout: il s’agirait d’une nouvelle version de la console, sans doute amincie physiquement.”    Ah, not just the normal 80 GB that we all know and love, but one that (according to our translation) is “physically thinner”.  Sound familiar?

Via GAF.