Kotick: “I Would Raise The Prices Even Further”

Despite Activision CEO Bobby Kotick wanting lots of your money already, it’s emerged today that he had admitted he’d like to push things even further. President Michael Griffith was asked about the controversial (£55) trade pricing he’s put in place for Modern Warfare 2 during Activision’s investor conference call, and said the company have had “very strong retailer acceptance and support for all parts of our plan including our price points” for”all of our launch titles in the back half of this year.”

At which point Kotick added: “You know if it was left to me, I would raise the prices even further,” following it up with a reference to Modern Warfare 2’s extravagant collectors editions: “as far as the premium priced product, you know, collector’s editions and things like that, I’d say we’re seeing probably more interest than we have in the past on the collector’s editions, so that’s a pretty good indication of the interest in these franchises.”  The company clearly feels there’s much IP value in their key titles, but we’re not sure how much further Activision can really raise the prices…


Via MCV.