Kotick Speaks Out

Activision boss tells us he’s a dick.

Activision Donate $1 million

Yay for Bob Kotick! I can’t believe I typed that.

News Snatch: Goblins & Zombies

Guess who is the star of todays “And Finally..” is? Go on.. bet you can’t guess.

News Snatch : Pizza & Cake

More ‘news’ from down the back of the internet. Today : Burn Zombie Burn, Silent Hill and more Sideshow Bob Kotick.

Kotick’s Millions

Games may be too cheap in his eyes but he’s still earning megabucks.

Kotick: “I Would Raise The Prices Even Further”

Activision CEO wants even more of your money.

Kotick, Here’s Your Hat. Enjoy.

PS3 profits for Activision outweigh Wii, DS, PSP and PC.

More Critique Of Kotick

First he was being “noisy” and now his comments were “silly”.