Kotick Doesn’t Care About The Press

That Edge interview just keeps on giving! This time it’s the news that Bob is quite aware that he generates a lot of press but like Angelina Jolie* he does not pay much attention to what is written.

I get a lot of great press, and I get a lot of not-so-great press, but when you start believing the press you get, you’re not going to be as effective as the head of a company, I don’t take a lot of time to meet with journalists, so I think that what happened over the last couple of years is that two or three things that I’ve said got taken really out of context.

If Bob does not read any of the pages of press written about him then he wont mind if I say he is a  total and utter [This section has been removed for fear of legal action, Tuffcub is now on the naughty step – cb].

Source : MCV / Edge

* This is the first, only and ever time Bob Kotick will be compared to Angelina Jolie.


  1. its just a shame he has to bad mouth other game companies, maybe he should take a look at his own…

    the guy may have a good business brain, but anything else he just puts his foot in his mouth

  2. 2 or 3? Well that leaves about 200 things that haven’t been taken much out of context, then…

  3. Wonderful ending :D

  4. Haha! Best Editor comment ever!

  5. It’s fine not to care but it also makes sense, as the head of company, not to shoot your mouth off at every opportunity and make yourself look like an unprofessional petulant child

  6. Haha, I nice article, if a little sensationalist in its headlinage.

    Kotick: “I get a lot of great press” Really? First I’ve heard.

    • Kotick: “I get a lot of great press” Really? First I’ve heard.

      Those were exactly my thoughts.

  7. It’s not his job to care about the press. It’s his job to run Activision as a growing, profitable business. He’s extremely good at his job. So much so that his company makes enough money to hire entire PR departments to engage with the press while Bobby Kotick continues to engage with the business community.
    That’s kinda how big business and consumerism works.

    • “So much so that his company makes enough money to hire entire PR departments to engage with the press while Bobby Kotick continues to engage with the business community.”

      He should really remember to run his comments past them once in a while!

      • now thats true. Might even save them a few more pennies if he didn’t shout his mouth off so much. Saves sticking the price up on games maybe. ;-)

      • I think he genuinely doesn’t care if the gaming press picks up on the message he’s giving to the business world. It clearly doesn’t make a difference when his company’s product gets to market so why should he bother?
        Personally, I think he does a great job and is usually right. The gaming community takes what he says as a personal attack but he’s usually just forecasting for financial purposes and scratching out a stronger business position among his competitors. Hey, it’s working for Activision so far isn’t it? And the people who cry about the things he says still rush out to buy CoD and Guitar Hero as soon as they hit shelves so why should he stop?!

      • Can I come off the step now?

      • no lol

      • That’s all well and good CC and it might not do much damage, bit if it does do some and if it doesn’t matter to him either way, why not exercise a bit of professionalism and restraint.
        He might not care but I bet his PR department facepalms with every interview he does.

      • Just had a look to see what I was supposed have said, you probably mean Cb?

        Yes I agree with you, they probably do facepalm.

        Although don’t forget he’s taking on the marketing guy that came up with the Kevin Butler ad campaign that has helped turned Sony around, from being a laughing stock in some sections of the gaming press and releasing a console doomed to failure to completely turning the tables on MS and making them the laughing stock, in some section of the gaming press.

        He’s certainly got his work cut out, as there is a lot of goodwill which needs to be won back from rivals like EA.

      • Yeah I did, oops.
        I shall go and quietly facepalm myself

    • you’re kinda patronising

  8. What if he rescues some poor orphans and Marries Brad Pitt

    • I would only love him if he was as sexy as Angelina Jolie… No scratch that, that would be awkward

  9. the bloke is a to$$er. He doesn’t talk to press but manages to say what he thinks quite alot, and slags off alot of people/companies.

    • well put except you left out he is **** *this member has been banned*

  10. Be careful Tuffcub, the naughty step is ALWAYS serious.

    (and I sent you a pm)

    • Got it my dear. I shall catch you via the medium of PSN tonight. Assuming I’m allowed off the step.

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