Ask Heavy Rain Devs a Question

Members of the SCEA Blog are heading down to the Gamescom Cologne event next week, and have already grabbed an interview with Quantic Dream, the developer of upcoming title ‘Heavy Rain’. A recent blog post invites all readers to submit questions to the dev team in the comments, and the best of which will be picked out and asked directly at those making Heavy Rain.

So what do you want to know? We’ve already heard a lot about the game; how even if your character dies, the story continues. We also know there are multiple endings depending on how you play the game, and that the graphics are looking sweet. If Heavy Rain is making an appearence at Cologne, we could be seeing a new trailer, so fingers crossed.


To ask a question, head over to the SCEA Blog post, sign in with your PSN ID and post your question in the comments section. There’s around two hundred posts already, so be original if you want your question chosen and not merged with everyone else. Perhaps base it on some of the little bits we picked up on a few days ago.


Source: Official US PlayStation Blog