Vagrant Story Appears On The PSN Store

Vagrant Story ( ベイグラントストーリー), one of the finest 32-bit role playing games ever crafted, is now up on the Japanese PSN Store. The Square game originally appeared on the PlayStation in 2000, developed by the Final Fantasy Tactics team with Yasumi Matsuno assuming the role of producer and director.  If you’ve never experienced Vagrant Story it’s a beautiful, deep game and one with many fans, and whilst naturally this doesn’t indicate a Western release for the game it does show that someone, somewhere, cares for us.


Other Japanese goodness this week includes a massive pile of PSP games and four other PSOne titles: Arcade Hits: Suiko Enbu, Mega Man, Rapid Racer and Saikyou Toudai Shogi, with the Hong Kong Store playing host to even more Dynasty Warriors 6 DLC, the inFamous LittleBigPlanet costume and last week’s Tiger Woods 10 course.  As far as we know there’s nothing exciting lined up for the European Store this week but keep an eye on our Release Dates page which we’ll update later today.

Thanks, kassatsu.