Lionhead Up To Something

Peter Molyneux’s development studio have updated their website with a large picture and quote from South American revolutionary Ché Guevara. Any of you who have been or known a student in the past 15 years will instantly recognise the image as “that poster on everyone’s wall” but not many people actually know much about Ché. He was essentially a Marxist revolutionary. Which means he tried to make various South and Central American countries (including Cuba) into Marxist states by killing people who didn’t agree with him and leading an army of revolutionaries fighting against the oppressive capitalist money-men who were keeping the people in poverty.

These days he would be called a terrorist or possibly an insurgent but as long as he was only knocking off governments the US didn’t approve of he would still be allowed to continue. The point is, he wasn’t. He helped a Guatamalan President who was eventually toppled by the CIA and then he moved on to help install the Castros in Cuba. US intelligence institutions don’t like him very much.

As the subject for a game though, it’s a bit weird. Bear in mind that Lionhead is only making games for Microsoft, an American company whose biggest market is not in the liberal countries of Europe or the Socialist states of South America where Ché is regarded as a visionary hero but in the “red states” of America where Ché would most likely be blacklisted and ostricised for his open “Communism”. Hard to see how they will pitch him as a video-game hero then but I suppose if anyone can (claim to) do it then it would be Molyneux…

Source: Lionhead website.