Smash Cars Heading To PSN

Who doesn’t like radio controlled cars? If you don’t, then you’re lying – everyone does. Creat Studios know this and are releasing Smash Cars, a radio controlled cars arcade racing game on the PSN. Coming August 20th (for the US) at the price of $14.99 (we’re waiting for a response on an EU release), the game will include real-time physics, quality graphics and online multiplayer.

This follow-up from Creat’s original Smash Cars created back in 2003, will have players twist and turn, grind and gear up, performing aerial tricks and stunts while they rack up trophies and points as they finish the race.


In order to win the race, players vehicles must achieve nitro-fueled rocket boosts for accelerated speed bursts by performing SSX-style stunts. So this is a racing game, with RC cares and tricks? You also hit other players cars? There’s also a Monster Truck? And vehicle customisation? Sounds awesome! Still not sold? Or just not liking these really short sentences? Regardless, check out the video.

Update: we’ve heard back from Creat on a European release, and they tell us that an EU release is “any day now” and that the delay between the US and our version will be “very short”.

Video Source: US Blog