Updates On Trine, MGS1 For EU Store

Trine, the PS3 PSN title that’s already seen at least one delay, appears to be suffering from yet another.  On the EU Blog todayMike Kebby from the PlayStation Store team has given us a few updates on key PlayStation Network titles, including the aforementioned Trine and Metal Gear Solid.  As you should be aware, third party titles appear on the Store when dictated by the publisher, not SCEE, but as yet MGS1 hasn’t been submitted by Konami so there’s no current release date at all.

Resident Evil, from Capcom, is the same story – not submitted.  Bomberman is penciled in for September, with the Disgaea 3 DLC aiming for the end of this month.  Trine, however, has been “submitted again to QA” with the team “working on optimising the game to run better on the PS3.”  There’s also no date yet for Namco Museum.


Mike Kebby has confirmed some of next week’s Gamescom Store content though – SCEE will be releasing videos onto the Store on the evening of Tuesday the 18th, straight after the Sony press conference.  There won’t be anything on the Wednesday, but there’ll be even more videos on the Thursday.  This, we assume, will be in addition to anything released or streamed into Home as we said yesterday.  We’ll have everything from Gamescom, as you’d expect, starting next week so stay tuned to your favourite site for more.