Argos: 360 Pro “Discontinued”

The folks over at Eurogamer have noticed that on Argos’ website if you go seeking for the “Xbox 360 60GB” or 360 Pro to us that Argos present you with the message:

We are very sorry but Microsoft have discontinued this line.

You cannot get much clearer than that.  Nice to finally have a confirmed UK retailer listing to go with the 360 Arcade packaging shots from last week.


Update: Argos have stated that the message saying that the Xbox 360 Pro had been discontinued was just an error.  Unfortunate timing for them to make that particular error.

“We are aware of the administrative error regarding the games console page on our website and apologise for any confusion this may have caused,” an Argos spokesperson has told MCV.  “The page has temporarily been removed as we look to correct the error.  We can confirm that the product remains on sale in Argos stores and will be available again for purchase online as soon as possible.”

If I was prone to conspiracy theories I would suspect that maybe Microsoft have been on the phone to Argos to berate them for posting the news a few days early.  Maybe posting the updated page four days early was Argos’ only error?