My Top Ten: Game Quotes

Well today I am to take point in the ‘My Top Ten’ feature as the TSA haulage ship named “Colossalblue” is anchored by the pressures of life outside of gaming. Having smashed most if not all of his times on Trials HD it feels good to be better at something. However, the ‘My Top Ten’ feature is his baby and any attempt to beat his imagination and wit is futile, so this one may be a little lacking that colossal touch – but desperate times call for desperate measures. I am that desperate measure.


Games present all sorts of characters that sometimes say the funniest things or memorable phrases, this feature is to cover My Top Ten gaming quotes. Please note that they may not be a hundred percent accurate as they are from memory and I am certainly not playing through every game I own again.


There is a little twist with this one though; there is 100 TSA Points up for grabs for a random member that can tell me what game the quotes are taken from. You should answer by emailing me at liam[at]thesixthaxis[dot]com with the subject being “my top ten” and giving me the ten correct game titles. I shall pick a random correct answer using my sophisticated selection device at midnight tonight.

  • “Did you see how fast they are moving? Zombies can’t move that fast, I’m calling zombie bullsh*t on that one” – This one made me laugh as I was thinking the exact same thing whilst playing the game when I heard it.
  • “Does the Pope sh*t in the woods?” – I never quite understood this one and neither did the other characters in the game, I guess that is what made it so memorable.
  • “How do you like them apples?” – Each time I throw a (virtual) grenade I often repeat those words as they do make me chuckle.
  • “Fruit of Doooom” – Well this one inspired my online ID and still makes me laugh each time I hear it bellowed out.
  • “Ok just count to five and pull the cord, how hard can it be? Here goes….Arrrr 1-2-3-4-5….” – I was in tears of laughter at this point and it was a great cut scene.
  • “Scopin’ the chicks, riding shotgun whilst my friend Niko here pulls some break neck – skin of ya teeth – red army moves. Alpha baby!” – This guy practically made the game for me and was such a hyper and funny character.
  • “You will protect Earth and all her colonies” – She constantly appeared on the screen and got a little annoying half way through the game but made some valid points (yeah you read right – I did say “she”).
  • “Would you kindly?” – This one never occurred to me until the twist at the end and that is what made it really stick in my mind.
  • “Rampage/Headshot/Monster Kill/Godlike” – Hearing these phrases bellowed out in that deep booming voice was so satisfying and made you feel great.
  • “The history of these days will be written in blood” – A very dramatic speech in the opening of one of the greatest games I have ever played.

Well there you have them, some hard and some quite easy. For reasons of humour or other emotional impact these phrases/quotes have stuck in my mind and I can’t wait to see who identifies each one correctly.