Sunday Thoughts: 16/08/09

Today I woke up at 0540 with a cat nibbling on by right ear and a bird outside seemed to be giving some random loud speech to all the other birds hunting worms in the area. What the hell are you suppose to do at 0540? Ten years ago would have seen me standing to attention and awaiting permission to go and get a light breakfast before a five mile run and a fear that this day may be the day I got gassed. But in recent years, though still in a routine, I simply switch the kettle on and browse the internet in peace before junior awakes as a ninja, Robin Hood, or some other fantasy being that involves massive energy exertion on my behalf.

So after a little browsing on some website called thesixthaxis (not half bad ‘ya know) I decide “sod it” I’m going to get Sunday Thoughts done and then settle for a day of gaming that will more than likely turn into a day of doing whatever Mrs Fruit has planned behind my back. A little tip guys: when the woman is talking to you during the week – do not sit there just “umming and arring” as this is taken as you being in agreement to lord-knows-what for the weekend. Fortunately the car is broken, so I won’t be straying too far from my cubby hole under the stairs and may (if I am lucky) be racing in a (virtual) Lancer Evo X all day instead of blowing away Sunday drivers in my Astra 1.4 (Hey! It does 0-60 in… does 0-60). So anyway, today’s Sunday thought is… know I actually cannot think of anything specific today. So I am going to type away with whatever enters my mind in the next few moments as Boston’s “more than a feeling” is flowing through the speakers behind me.

I recently watched the episode of Family Guy with Peter hosting the “what grinds my gears” and that got me thinking – what bakes my noodle? Recently I’d say it is the people that sit in front of the TV watching football or Rally and shouting at the TV with advice for the player or driver. “You should have…” and “I wouldn’t have done….” – shut up you fool! Like the player or racer can even hear you! Like they even care what you have to say! When somebody thinks they could have made a Chelsea formation better than the manager too – “I wouldn’t use that formation. You wanna put xyz up front and….” – again: shut up you fool! Some guy is getting paid hundreds of thousands to make these decisions with more knowledge on current performance and form and you think you can tell him how to do his job? Please. The ladies are just as bad too when watching Eastenders I hear “you can’t cheat on him you slag”. I’ll never understand it and when I think about it – it is really scary how people talk to their TVs. Maybe Sony should work on software that enables TV to change as the audience talk to it? It wouldn’t be live anymore and would need some serious prediction and rendering software but it would cater for all those that talk to their TV. “Sir Alex has now changed his formation as demanded by George in the city” and “Bradley has now decided to use a condom as Sarah in Birmingham doesn’t want Stacey to get pregnant”. There’s a lot of money to be made in that I tell you.

Today I think I shall treat myself to a Dominos pizza. Following them on Twitter is the best way to keep informed of all the latest offers and I have noticed recent tweets about their global operations. This has me thinking that other countries may get different menus or variations to what we get in the UK. I know that the US get “bread baskets” from US Dominos and they sound so good. Over here in the UK I would have to say that my favourite pizza is the Dominos dominator mighty meaty. Just typing that has got my stomach rumbling and suggested I need to email the nannies at Nestle because their knitted Shreddies have not done their job! But as we are a Euro site and the world has access to what I am typing – what is your favourite Dominos pizza? Or can you think of a great pizza topping that hasn’t been done yet? I thought about a thick crust with a thin burger on top and then a thin crust on top of that with the usual cheese and tomato topping. So essentially it’s a burger in a pizza complete with cheese and tomato. Infact lets go all out and throw some bacon in there too. OK enough food talk as my stomach is beginning to sound like Simba confronting his uncle after his balls dropped and he wanted revenge.

On the subject of rumbling sounds – I went to a family BBQ last night where a recently married friend of mine (congratulations Mike and Claire) told me a funny story. Now Mike is some kind of computer networking genius. Apart from his love for Warcraft he is a really great guy that I have known for some years now since his best mate (my cousin) introduced us. Claire (now Mike’s wife) I’ve known for much less and she has (up until recently) always come across as a well mannered sensible women (who looked stunning on her Hen do I must say). A fantastic couple and I am really happy for them both. Anyway Mike told a story last night that had us all in stitches:

Mike works in IT and is on call out at anytime, so he leaves his phone next to him when going to bed. He sets it to vibrate as he is obviously a gentleman and does not want to wake his wife up when some whining customer needs Mike’s mad skills with all things PC. So naturally when the phone vibrates it rumbles on the bedside cabinet and Mike shoots up and takes the phone out the door to talk to the customer. One night Mike thought he heard his phone vibrate and shot up to answer it whilst taking it outside the bedroom so Claire wasn’t disturbed. However, it turned out that there was no one on the other end of the phone and it hadn’t actually rung at all. Upon re-entering the room Mike’s nostrils caught a nasty sniff of Claire’s freshly baked “air biscuit” and Mike immediately knew that the vibrations did not come from his phone. Apparently it has happened twice and I think it is one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time. So I just want to say – well done Claire on a fantastic display of bottom burping that would put most men to shame and proof that we men are not the only ones lacking bedroom manners.

I really don’t have much more to talk about at the moment and it would appear today’s biggest Sunday Thought is “what should Today’s Sunday Thought be?” So I want to wrap this strange all over the place blog up by just saying thank you to a few members that have stood out recently. TSA member Gastos and his guest writer articles deserve recognition and praise as they are a great example of his humor and creativity along with a natural talent to keep the reader engaged in reading his work. TSA member Flexxible for a great and well executed idea over in the forums for trophy/gamer level tracking and even complete with a leader board. TSA member Tuffcub for a great stream of news tips that are evident when ever I am distributing TSA points – your name always pops up – great job. A big thank you is in order to the whole community for sensibly adapting to our Xbox 360 coverage and understanding that we do not favor the other console but rather just have a shared love of all things gaming. This is the best community on the internet and it is pleasure writing for the site and for the readers as it is also a joy to read the material and comments you also provide.

On that note here is a Sunday Thought (though not quite a serious subject or topic): If you were to go to war against an alien invasion – who in the TSA community would you want by your side or in a squad and why? I would have our Djhsecondnature for designing the funkiest camouflage of which to fight in style. Gastos would be with me to keep morale up with his humour and yogh_wayne would be there as a medic (assuming he’s as determined to heal you as he is in Killzone). Nofi and Peter would be there to make sure orders were carried out and Chris would be there to invent a challenge within the war to make it more interesting. Oh, and Tuffcub would be with us for the Intel gathering.

Hope this read was not too painful and hope you all have a great Sunday!