Borderlands Box Art Will Blow Your Mind

Borderlands, the game with the beautiful art style and ridiculous number of weapon permutations is set to hit stores in just over two months on October 20th. During a time of year where two massive franchises will be released in the first person shooter category, 2K Games’ post-apocalyptic shooter really needs to stand out.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said “I think the idea the cover is going for is pretty clear – Borderlands will blow your mind.” He also said how the bandit on the cover helps personify “the madness around the world.” Gearbox and 2K do understand the challenges they face with the artwork and how some will call it controversial. “Certainly there were some people inside of Gearbox and likely also at 2k that weren’t sure about this approach and may have felt compelled to go with something a little less provocative.”


“Judging from the response so far, it looks like it was the right call,” he said. “It makes me really glad that we’re in a world now where gamers want freshness and originality and people like us are being rewarded and applauded for taking risks and pushing things and that is certainly what I see happening with Borderlands. The motive is about the goals of a box cover – you want to evoke something, get attention and have something honest to say about the promise of the game so that you’re confident whatever you’re doing up front, you can gratify your customer with what is inside.”

Choosing such a bold cover seems to be a smart move in helping Borderlands stand out on shelves this autumn. Personally, I think the artistic nature of the cover is incredibly creative and very striking – and it looks great. What do you think?


Source: IGN