Germany Beating UK In Game Sales

The United Kingdom has ruled the roost for some time as Europe’s largest video game market but has now lost that crown to Germany. The latest market sales data from Media Control GfK International show that Germany now sits atop the European table thanks to a 20% decline in software sales in the UK.

It was a mixed set of results for Europe with France and Spain also seeing falls in sales.  Germany, Belgium and Italy saw no appreciable growth or decline whilst Sweden, the Netherlands and Portugal all managed to record increases.  In Portugal the market actually grew 16% “thanks to the development of new audiences across all formats”.


Speaking on the UK’s falling sales a spokesman for Media Control said that “the decline mostly due to a lack of new-released blockbuster games in the UK in 2009”.  Last year saw the release of GTA IV and MGS 4 in April and June respectively, but are we really missing that many blockbuster game releases this year?

Surely the declining sales in the UK are down to the UK having been hit harder by the recession than most of Europe rather than there not being enough games on the shelves capable of tempting us to make a purchase.


For the second time in the past fortnight the validity of GfK Chart-Track’s data has been called into question, and it turns out that Germany hasn’t overtake the UK as the largest consumer of videogames in Europe. The company is expected to release a correction shortly.

Via:, Eurogamer.