Xbox 360 Price Hike

Update: This seems like its the real deal. Eurogamer have also received confirmation – this time from ShopTo boss Igor Cipolletta – that Microsoft are to increase the price of the Xbox 360 bundle from £129.99 to £159.99. The individual Xbox 360 accessories will also get a bump in price by a quid or two. All of this is done to counteract the poor pound-to-Euro currency exchange rate apparently.

In a time of financial difficulty, its a time to lower the prices of consumer goods. It therefore seems an odd move to raise the price of a console SKU, which may well be selling well due to its low price point. MCV are reporting that a technology retailer has confirmed that Microsoft has told retail to expect the Xbox 360 Arcade bundle to increase in price from £129.99 to £159.99. Microsoft has also confirmed a number of price hikes to many of its already over-priced accessories, including joypads and headset. This comes shortly after rumours that the Pro SKU is being phased out, with the Elite SKU dropping by £60 to ultimately take its place.

Whether this is a serious move to increase revenue by Microsoft or perhaps a the release of a new enhanced, therefore more pricey, Arcade SKU is yet to be seen. Perhaps, by announcing an ‘increase’ in price will get increase short-term sales for those who want to purchase a 360 at its current price. Either way, it will be interesting to see this unfold further.

Source: MCV