MAG Beta Begins

So, that’s the MAG Beta underway, just in time for a massive and hopefully technically jaw-dropping live demo at Gamescom.  It’s all locked away and we need to strictly limit the information flow (from our site, at least) but we can say that although the download is just under 300MB, there’s already a rather hefty (2GB) patch taking the game up to version 1.10.


The important bit is that MAG Beta testers will take part in a huge event during Gamescom, because the game will be playable on the show floor from Wednesday onwards and gamers at the Cologne show will be able play live with those lucky enough to already have the download.

Zipper are keen to point out that the Beta doesn’t represent the quality of the final game, and while the Beta is currently limited to week days (at certain hours) if you’re in the Beta think yourselves lucky and make sure you feedback as much detailed information as you can, and thus hopefully prevent another ‘Fat Princess’ at launch…