Oh, Sony Are Changing The Boxarts, Then

We mentioned this yesterday (despite the tip being in for about a week previous) and we’ve just done our rounds of the Sony press sites to pick up on a few things and noticed this boxart, which now appears to be 100% official and presumably final.  So, yeah, gone is the long (and rather ugly) vertical stripe, leaving just the subtle top black bar and the embossed plastic transparent section signifying which platform the game is for.

I actually prefer it, I think it makes the artwork, monkey aside, rather slick, trimmed down and corporate, which is naturally exactly what Sony are aiming at these days with the Slim and the PSPgo, so we can see how it all fits together.  Also of note is the sticker that says “download new looks and toys from the Pet Centre” which is, we think, the first time such a term has been used, and although it’s clear that it’ll just be a subset of the PlayStation Store we can’t wait to dress up our monkeys.