PS3 Slim Ad Campaign

So apparently there has been some sort of hullabaloo in Cologne this week. I haven’t been around much for what your school counselor might call “personal reasons” but those of you not paid to be overbearingly precious would probably just call “real life stuff” so I’ve missed a lot of what’s been going on. I did hear one thing though: Sony announced that they would finally put us all out of our misery and move that battery indicator! Oh, and they also finally relented and told us that there was a PS3 redesign, it was a slim version and it is going to be released soon with a little price cut to tempt all those who are either too poor or too damn crazy to already own what my wife described this week as “an amazing thing for doing… everything”.

Now, I am a little bit geeky about design. I’m one of those people who looks at a wonderbra advert and wonders why they’ve chosen that font when a slightly more condensed sans-serif would have been so much more readable as I drive past. So my heart sank a little when I realised that the actual design of the “PS3 Slim” was that hideous version that looks so much like a cheap Hong Kong market rip-off. That is, of course, my personal opinion and there are many people who disagree with me. Most of them work in Sony’s design team.


Anyway, I’m rambling because it’s late and I’m tired and I just want to foist my opinion on you all before I go to bed. To the point: With a redesign and a price cut comes a new advertising campaign. Hopefully this one will be pushed to all available outlets because the design geek in me thinks it’s lovely whilst the little marketing geek who mostly keeps his head down in the back row of my brain is also approving loudly. In short: This advert is perfect for the message Sony should have been pushing for years now and it is beautifully designed. I love it. I really hope we see it in Europe too.

I would hang this as a poster if only they replaced that ugly redesigned PS3 with the sleek and beautiful original…