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After watching nearly all of E3 with the aid of live streams I was really looking forward to doing the same at Gamescom, it still makes me laugh now to re-read the live transcript of the TSA team’s live E3 Skype chat. So this timeon the day of Sony’s conference it was with great excitement that I scoured the internet for news of a live feed, but for some reason I couldn’t find one, quite baffling really as that very same morning I had watched a live feed of EA’s rather good presentation with no problems what so ever.

My excitement levels peaked when a channel on was being bandied around seemingly the whole Internet as having a live feed of Sony’s event, so about half hour before showtime I tuned in to see the usual ‘off air’ looped commercials, a bit later through Twitter and about five browser tabs I had open with various live-blogging websites I learned that the presentation had started, but I was seeing was the same old crappy looped commercial. Ten’s of thousands of people were screaming FAKE in the supposed live feeds chatbox, so I joined some of the other TSA guys in a Skype chat commenting on the live blogging action on the EU Blog, and despite Jem’s excellent typing skills it quite simply wasn’t the same as watching it.


As it turned out – the rumours were true all along and there was a slimmer version of the PS3 and even though you probably could have guessed most of the rest of the presentation like new firmware, PSN cards etc it still didn’t stop me being any less excited to watch some footage of it, so about once an hour for the rest of the night I kept checking the PSN Store to see if it had been uploaded. It hadn’t but then yesterday we brought you the news that Home was streaming the footage, so I booted up Home for the first time in months and that is where the problems started.

For nearly ten minutes I couldn’t log in and kept being faced with time-out error messages and then finally just as I was about to give up, I was in. Now I just had to face the inevitable download of the relevant area, I think it weighed in at just over 30meg but it seemed to take an eternity to download, probably not as long as my 3gig Windows 7 download which I had just completed but it didn’t seem far off. Oh well as I was in I didn’t care so I had a quick scout around the podium space and saw the live stream over the far side, with a quick flick of my left stick I was on my way I even tried pressing L3 to see if I could make him sprint, but had no joy. In front of the large TV was really crowded so I had loads of problems trying to select it, all I kept doing was annoyingly selecting the person standing nearest me. I then spent the next ten minutes covering ever single square inch of floor space trying to focus on the screen but couldn’t. So with a stream of expletives on Twitter targeted at Home I gave up, sad that I wouldn’t get to watch Sony’s piece.

Thank heavens for third parties though, because now through the magic of G4TV I can watch the feed uninterrupted with some chocolate bourbons and cup of coffee and relive Sony’s presentation as if I was there, which incidently next year I will be.

Hopefully Sony can sort a live feed out for the Tokyo Game Show at the end of September where the motion controller will be taking pride of place, but in the mean time enjoy Gamescom below.

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