Challenge TSA #9: Results

Challenge TSA is a double edged sword for me, I mean I do love seeing the community take part in a regular feature, but I’m regularly embarrassed by the wealth of high scores arriving in my inbox. this week the team at TSA challenged you the readers to take us on at the Gladiate mode of Fat Princess. We award a wealth of TSA Points for entries which manage to beat the top score set by the TSA team. High score or not every entry gets TSA points, which the observant amongst you will have noticed can now be exchanged for free stuff in our shop, which is accessible from the nav bar at the very top of page (right next to the featured games link).

The game featuring in this week’s Challenge TSA was the chubby chasers favourite, Fat Princess, and the challenge was to beat TheSixthAxis’s high score in Gladiate mode, with TSA Points on offer to the top 3 individuals who could beat our high score: 100 for 1st place, 75 for 2nd, 50 for 3rd and 10pts to everyone who sends in a valid entry.


The Results:

1st. Haza103 – 16,525
2nd. Star_Waters – 16,510
3rd. Day-o – 15,199

I didn’t think we’d need a tiebreaker this week but that was close, real close. The TSA points will be with all entrants by Monday at the latest.