Hands On: Zen Pinball SFII DLC

We reviewed Zen Studios Pinball game on the PSN way back in May when it was released but this week saw the release of a new virtual pinball table for you to rack up high scores with. We thought we’d keep you updated with a little hands-on of the new DLC.

Essentially what you get for your £1.59 is a new playable machine themed around Street Fighter II. Zen Studios have previously released a SFII-themed table for their Xbox Live Arcade pinball game “Pinball FX” and from what we’ve heard this is basically that same machine with the great smooth textures and physics of Zen Pinball.


All of your favourite Street Fighter II characters are represented on the surface along with some iconic background features from the legendary fighting game. Objects like a car, USAF plane and luxury boat are pulled from the 2D backgrounds of SFII and rendered as interactive objects on the table. The music will bring those memories flooding back and the sound effects are just like the impact and crashing sounds I remember from the Megadrive version of SFII that I poured hours into.

There really is not much more to tell you. If you’re a fan of Zen Pinball then you should get the new table for the variation it gives you. If you’re a fan of Street Fighter II and own Zen Pinball then it’s also an attractive proposition as the graphics and sound will be nostalgic for you.

In terms of how it fits in with the rest of Zen Pinball it is slightly jarring, being the only game-related table featured and having such a strange menu selection announcement (sounds like a young Bob Hoskins shouting “Street Fighter Two” at you) but once you get on the table you will quickly forget that and enjoy what may actually be the best table in the game now.