Zen Pinball: Mars Table Tour

If, like some of us at TSA Towers, you’re a fan of your virtual pinball then you’ll no doubt be aware of Zen Pinball on the PSN. We still think this is one of the better virtual pinball experiences available anywhere with its solid difficulty and excellent physics. We can’t fault their dedication either, they keep releasing new tables for the game.

This latest addition is based around a Martian theme with plenty of emphasis on the mystical alien mythology. It appears subtle when you first look at the rather plain-looking table top and limited rails and runners but after a bit of paddle-action it soon warms up and offers something new to the game. We haven’t had much of a chance to play with it yet but now we’ve finished making the video we’re going to get right back on that shuttle and set course for the red planet!



  1. About half way through the sound messed up for me. Tried again and it was the same.
    Nice preview though.

    • So it does, weird. It’s fine on the original, must be the YT procesing. I’ll upload it again.

  2. Cant wait to get this free tomorrow :P Well, Zen Pinball anyway :P

    • tomorrow? YEAS! It’s plus update time TOMOROOW! I had forgoten all about it and now I’m excited like a puppy and I’m writing words in a funny way! HUZZA!

      • If only we were in the US…

  3. looks nice i get this in + tomorrow shame i gota go away then damn my dad and his “cmon to the festival it be fun and ill pay you to help out” *sigh*

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