Sony Pick Up DiRT 2

Sony, in a move similar to the one involving Ghostbusters (but without the timed exclusivity) will be publishing Codemasters’ DiRT 2 in Europe. “To have Colin McRae: Dirt 2 represented by the platform holder during the new PS3 system’s launch window is testimony to the strength of the game and its commercial relevance,” Codemasters’ senior VP of publishing for EPAC Axel Herr stated.  “The Colin McRae series has enjoyed a great affinity with the PlayStation brand in PAL territories for over 10 years and we’re proud to have the support and ambition of SCEE behind it during this key time for both the PS3 and PSP.”

Anyone who’s been on the official EU PlayStation Blog recently might have guessed this was happening with all the big DiRT 2 graphics at the top of the site (albeit on a random loop).  Sadly, despite splashes of luminous green all over, TSA aren’t involved in this – we’re not publishing anything.  Well, that’s not strictly true, but that particular venture is deep under wraps.  Cough.  Anyway, the DiRT 2 deal covers all PAL territories, apart from Spain, Australia and New Zealand.  Other formats will launch as normal on the 11th of September.


Via MCV.