God Of War I + II For PS3 Confirmed

Remember this and this? Well the Official PlayStation US Blog has just confirmed yet another title to add to Santa’s list. Yes, both God Of War I and II are coming to the PS3 come this winter on Blu-Ray. Now, before you go and get your hopes up here’s only one tinsy-wincy foreseeable problem. No confirmation for the EU. Yet.

If you think this is going to be some half-arsed port you’d better pack that cynicism back in the grumpy box as they given everyone an incentive to pick up these crackers again in the form of trophy support, 60fps and full 720p HD lusciousness. All this will be rapped up the nice low price of $40. Thank you Sony, thank you.


So put that in your 60gb backwards compatible launch PS3 pipe and smoke it.

Warning: Putting this news in your 60gb backwards compatible launch PS3 pipe and smoking it may or may not cause a death and/or adverse side effects.

For the full press release follow this link.