God Of War Trilogy Coming To Blu-Ray?

Rumours stemming from tweets are taking over these days, and this one, apparently from an employee of Sony Mexico, appears to be pushing the limits of what’s considered reasonable. PSXExtreme are claiming that MarkPlayStation (the aforementioned) has talked about a God of War III Blu-ray bundle due for release this Christmas.  Here’s the (now deleted) tweet:

querian jugar God of War 1 y 2 en PS3, preparense que en Diciembre sale un paquete de GOW en Bluray para PS3 en visperas de GOW III

The bundle will, according to translations, contain both PlayStation 2 titles and a demo of the PS3 game, but there’s no mention of the awesome PSP title.  There was a survey earlier in the year asking GoW fans what they thought about re-playing the older games so maybe this is where this all comes from, but hey, sounds interesting enough to us – especially if they can build in some Trophies…

Via PSXExtreme.