Sony Have “No Plans” To Remaster The Other God Of War Games For PS4

This is bad news or good news depending on your views, Sony Santa Monica have stated that the rest of the God of War franchise – including the most recent game God of War: Ascension – will not be remastered for PlayStation 4.

“No plans for others in the franchise to bring over,” they stated in a reply to a comment on the PS Blog, also adding “Yes, the gameplay is targeting 60FPS”.

Sony Santa Monica assured gamers they are working on a new PlayStation 4 project as well as the remaster and explained why the new version of God of War III is in production.

“Remasters often help us open the door to new players who perhaps did not play God of War 3 5yrs ago, but who we can bring it to on the PlayStation 4. People often forget, the more players we can bring into a franchise, the better for everyone. At Santa Monica Studio, we’d like as many PlayStation fans to experience our games as possible, form generation to generation.”

That does sound like the remaster is occurring to lure new players in to the franchise, don’t forget there are many people – particularly in America – who have swapped allegiance and moved from Xbox 360 to PlayStation 4. If that is the case you could read something else in to Sony Santa Monica’s statement; They want to introduce Kratos to a new generation of gamers, surely they would only do that if he was to star in the next God of War game? That means no reboot and probably no Norse or Egyptian gods, ideas that have been floating around the internet for quite a while.

Source: PS Blog


  1. If they’re trying to introduce new players they should’ve started with the first one then do the others if it sells enough. Or stop being cheap and just make a new one.

    • They are making a new one & secondly they already remastered the original for PS3 & vita, they would look awful on PS4

      • Just seems odd to ask people to get on board with the 3rd in the series. Personally I’d want to play it from the start.

      • They wouldn’t look any more awful on PS4 than they do on PS3. If anything, they’d look much better when output at full HD with good AA and maybe some texture enhancements if the internal resolution is higher. Like Okami on PS3.

        If there’s a place for 8-bit games on PS4, then there damn well should be a place for Ps2-era titles as well.

        I believe they should have done two sets of trilogies. It seems stupid to honour the legacy of the series with only the third entry. It’s like releasing only Return of The Jedi on blu-ray, and telling people to watch the rest on DVD.

  2. This is good news!

  3. I’d say they’re probably targeting the 360 gamers who now have PS4s.

    Like I said previously, I’ll probably give this a go as everyone raves about it & I’ve never played one although I’m pretty sure I did try the demo on the PS3 but didn’t enjoy it for some reason… It may have been something to do with hanging on to some flying thing & shooting cannons. Something like that rings a bell anyway and it put me off.

    I’m sure I’ve also mentioned in a previous post it was around the same time I was playing Dante’s Inferno which I thought was brilliant where as I’ve never seen the appeal with Kratos.
    He just reminds me of my childish angry self when I used to get killed on BFBC2 and throw a complete and utter wobbler! Luckily I had no pet dog or cat at the time as I’m sure they would have gotten there heads ripped off. lol

    I still haven’t got a pet either but i am toying with the idea of a small dog if they allow me to bring it into the office so it’s not alone all day. I’ve already asked the local pubs I go to and they said it’ll be fine if it’s a small one and I keep it away from the restaurant/food area’s. Maybe I could name the dog Kratos.

    • I really should read my posts back and add some comma’s. My grammar is getting worse.

    • Dante inferno is pretty much a copy of God of war the whole gameplay nothing was original about it, ot just copy & pasted GoW. You might aswell try it if you liked dante inferno except GoW is better

      • Thats pretty much what I’ve heard which is why I’ll give it a chance.
        I did like the whole 7 circles of hell concept though.

  4. The third one was brilliant but I always thought the first one was the best out of the three main games (the psp games and Ascension were great too but they’re not really necessary IMO).

    I think they should have done all 3 games in a collection like MS did with the Halo collection. If MS had only remastered Halo 4, I wouldn’t have bothered with the Halo series at all and would have just skipped Halo 5 when it comes out.

    I suppose it depends on where Sony are going with this. Are they planning on making another God of War with Kratos? Personally, I hope not. Kratos’ story feels complete and I can’t imagine many people want a fourth prequel?

    Personally, I hope Santa Monica are working on a brand new IP unrelated to GOW. We haven’t had anywhere near the creativity this gen as we’ve had previously, when it comes to new games. Where are the Uncharted/inFamous/Resistance/LBP games that defined the PS3 experience? Where are all the new ideas? I know we’re only 18 months into this gen but I hope we’re going to be getting more than just sequels and prequels and remakes.

    I’m only focusing on Playstation here because I’m not really familiar with Xbox history/exclusives outside of Halo and Sunset OD, but they don’t appear to be any better.

    • The PSP Ghost of Sparta personally was far better than the console versions & they was neccessary to the series explained the mark on Kratos what it stood for etc.

      I would buy a number 4 with Kratos, without spoiling anything for people, the ending left a lot of possibilities.

      • I think they’re all good games but if the plan was to introduce new players to the series because they are making GOW 4, they should at least release the main three games in a collection. Especially as the story follows on from one to the next.


        It’s been a while since I played GOW3 but unless I missed something, I’m not sure where they can go with the story after the end of 3. If he’s still alive, there’s no one left for him to kill. He could kill himself I suppose but that would be a pretty short game.


        Killing Kratos is hard, it would be a very long but dull game. Unless there’s plenty of spikes to walk into, they’re far more deadly than swords and arrows.

        Joking aside; David Jaffe and Cory Barlog originally intended the third game to be Kratos killing off the gods of Olympus, or at least the most powerful ones. This would make gods from other mythologies show up in hopes of taking their place. When neither of the previous directors ended up working on the game though, plans changed. But now Barlog is back in charge, which means we could see it come to fruition if he gets his way.


        Kratos is easy to kill. I must have killed him hundreds of times in the games I have played… & I only really played the first two & a bit at the beginning of 3! ;)

  5. A pity, I don’t know how I’d feel starting at number 3 missing out on two full games of story.

    And as for targeting 60fps, didn’t GoW 3 run at a variable framerate on PS3, hitting 60 alot of the time? 1080p60 should really be achieved.

    • GoW III ran at approximately 45 frames per second for most of the time. I think it rarely hit 60, but I don’t think it ever really went below 30 either. A solid 60FPS would be wonderful, consistency is key.

  6. I’ve just seen the PS4 GoW 3 version online for just under £50 which seems a bit steep to me considering it’s just a remaster. Looks like I’ll be waiting for a price drop.

  7. good news, now make a new god of war pls! ;)

  8. So you take the game that ends Kratos’s story and decide to remaster that. Erm, Sony, you don’t release endings without the entire story first. I mean, why not just completely remake the first two games for the PS4 or do a complete collection of God of War remastered? Why GOW3? It would be like releasing Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U and not releasing the other two…. oh, that actually happened.

    But my point still stands, this won’t make much sense in terms of plot and Kratos is pretty much known for gore, shouting, violence, killing, shouting and pure rage. His story is at an end so why remaster the end?

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