God Of War III Hacks And Slashes Its Way To PS4 In July

This Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the God of War series, a series of games which took players on a journey into the darkest depths of Greek mythology, and then murdered everything. Kratos’ one demigod rampage was a swan song of sorts for the PlayStation 2, and God of War III was easily one of the most heavily anticipated PlayStation 3 games, when it arrived a few in 2010. It itself celebrated its 5th birthday on Monday.

So, what better way to celebrate than to revitalise God of War III and bring it to PlayStation 4? Yes, game remasters are almost ten a penny these days, but it will be quite fascinating to see how well such a graphical tour de force from the PS3, brimming with jaw dropping set pieces of staggering scale, holds up after being bolstered to 1080p as this remaster promises to be. You’ll be able to replay the game on July 15th in the EU and July 17th in the UK.

No, it’s not quite the God of War announcement that we’ve been waiting for, but hopefully this is a precursor to Sony Santa Monica announcing a new and refreshing entry in the series, or maybe even a whole new IP in the near future?

Source: press release, EU PS Blog


  1. Meh.

  2. I’m just wondering what hell they’re going to release when they run out of PS3 games??? PS2 remastered remasters?

    • Already happening, Final Fantasy X and X-2.

      • Ugh Final Fantasy, count me out if they’re anything like XIII (my first FF game and my last).

    • Maybe some more PSP titles to go along Type-0.

  3. Can’t wait, I love me God of war & hopefully Ancension comes too

  4. If is priced properly like that Resident Evil game, then all good. If it’s priced like Sleeping Dogs, then no thanks.

  5. Missed this first time round so will likely give it a punt (even after re-reading Tuffcub’s love note to the game from 3 years ago …still makes me snigger)!

  6. I get and support remasters of games that missed the window to be on the new generation of consoles by a year or so(The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, Diablo III) when the developers may have has some hands on time with the new hardware and got ideas of what they could do with it but God of War III is over 5 years old at this point. Did anyone really shell out hundreds of dollars/pounds/etc on their new console to play 5+ year old games? I personally spent my cash to play new games.

  7. Getting a bit bored of the remasters now, when will they draw the line?

    • They’re so far past the line. The line is a dot to them now :)

  8. C’mon Sony, at least last gen remasters came in collections. Such a missed opportunity to do a trilogy and a prequel trilogy collection. Preferably one that could merge with later releases like the Masterchief collection to create one hub for the franchise.

  9. Nice. I’m looking forward to going back and finally finishing 3 with some shinier visuals.

    If this is a warm up for an all-new game, then it’s fine by me! (Depeding on price)

  10. Awww, couldn’t they have done a collection? GoW 3 is actually the only one in the main series that I’ve played, so will probably give it a miss.
    And I’m about fed up with people moaning about the existence of remasters.

    • if your fed up of reading people moan then stop reading people moaning or stay off the internet. its kind of ironic you moaned at the start of your comment then complain about others. pot. kettle. black.

      • Asking a question is moaning now? And what’s your problem, there’s really no need to be so aggressive.

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