Gravity Crash Gets a Facelift

More goodies from the EU blog, this time in the shape of Gravity Crash news. The developer, Just Add Water, has posted a blog in which he describes a bit about what motivated the project and what they are trying to do with it. He advises that we “Think of Gravity Crash as our love letter to 80s classic shooter gaming and you’ll have a rough idea of what we’re building.” which, to us, sounds simply brilliant.

The visuals have also been tweaked to keep the awesome retro feel but add a little bit of PlayStation sparkle to them with a couple of really interesting screenshots showing before and after views of the game (below). We’re starting to get pretty excited about this game with the inclusion of level building tools (which were used by the dev team to build the levels that ship with the game) being another great feature.


Gravity Crash is nearing the end of development and should be coming to PS3 and PSP soon.

Source: EU Blog Thanks, Gastos84