PS3 Box Art Changing

You might remember a few weeks ago when we told you that the box art for future PS3 games was going to change. After all, it makes sense now that the Spiderman font, currently stretched up the side of every box on your shelf, is being replaced by the more concentrated and simple “PS3” logo. Now, I liked the Eyepet art we saw back when we realised that the change was coming,



However, the now final template, whilst very similar, looks rather ugly to me.


It might be that I just don’t like the new logo as much (I feel it looks a little tacky) but I think, in the end, the whole thing is just too damn obnoxious. I know that the change is size is subtle, but it’s just a tiny step too far. Similar to the new fonts on the XMB. They aren’t too much bigger, but they just seem to cross a very fine line between being sleek and clunky. The main problem is that there’s just too much dead space above the logos. Had it been the same gap above as it was below, things would look much tighter and pleasing. Here we just don’t get that.

The box for a PS3 game is already squashed down a few centimetres more than your standard DVD, so I just can’t understand why would you want to squash it even more. I know I’ll get told off by you lot for being too picky or grumpy, but that’s just how I feel. If it helps, over the course of this article, it has grown on me a little bit. Maybe it’ll become a bit like the red PS3 square on the spine. That was horrendous at first, but I don’t mind it now. Anyway, I’ll hand it over to you to discuss in the comments.