LBP2 & Sly Show Off Move Box Art appear to have gotten their hands on a bucket load of box art for many of the upcoming Move titles. Most are as you would expect but each title now includes a giant blue circle with Move details inside. This looks passable on titles like EyePet but it does spoil others.

The blue circle may only be an issue in Europe. At present there is no Killzone 3 box art available but Kotaku do have the America’s. The blue circle is missing but a 3D logo has been included (though this isn’t included on the European Sly Collection box art).

Sly Cooper has been given brand new art work unlike the God of War Collection which used a rather half hearted approach. There is also a large “Classics HD” banner across the top. The banner itself isn’t great but I’m hoping we see it a lot more of it as I know there are a lot of great PS2 games I’d love to play in HD.

Source: and Kotaku


  1. LBP2 box art looks nice, so does the Socom: Special Forces. May get some of the Move games. The KZ3 box looks pretty badass, but I won’t be getting it.

    • Why not get KZ3? or do you mean not getting the move edition? I think they are the same game, just with move options.

      Im more interested in the 3D part of Killzone than Move. I went to a Sony center and had a look at a 3D set on Saturday, its a very odd thing to describe… its not like watching TV, its more like looking out of a window. They had game and film clip demos, and everything just had depth, sounds corny i know, but it was like i was there. It wipes the floor with those crappy green and blue glasses you get at the cinema. Its crisp, bright and very real. Starting to think i may not get a projector and get a TV instead after seeing them.

      • Nah, I won’t be getting KZ3 full stop. COD/BF is my style of FPS, KZ2 was far too cluncky and had so many issues.

  2. I like the blue banner, but it is pointless and ugly to put the blue circle on :|

    • Agreed. The blue circle is obnoxious whilst the blue banner is bearable.
      Really obscures some of the great artwork that these games have, it’s just stupid and ugly.

      • I agree, the blue banner is fine, but the big circle thing should be a sticker on the packaging rather than printed on the actual box. Better still why not put it on the back of the box in it’s own little “Move Features” section?

      • Apnomis – i like that idea more. just sit it at the bottom like the 3D logo on KZ3. The only problem is Sony want to promote Move to casual and hardcore gamers, so having this big blue thing on the front will tell people that Move is here to stay, and not a gimmick, as they see lots of cases lined up on the shop shelfs with blue Move dots on them. Its good in a way as it will help promote the device, and hopefully lead to more sales thus giving us hardcore gamers a bigger chance of dev’s making real games for it. After a year or so, we will just have the blue stripe as the market will be fully aware of Move.

  3. I would so much love to see HD remake of Okami with Move controls.

    • That would be genius! I missed out on Okami when it was on PS2 but have since seen footage that made me think I missed a treat (much like how I missed Ico and Shadow of Colossus first time around). From what I know of the gameplay – painting stuff with a virtual paint brush – it could have been designed for Move!

      Make it happen Sony!

      • Okami is already out on the Wii with motion controls :)

  4. I just can’t wait 2 get the move controller

  5. The Killzone 3 one is not correct. Well, not atm. It’s the US version. (Has ESRB on it not PEGI and was announced a while ago).

    • Aren’t all games rated by the BBFC now? In the UK I mean.

    • I did say it was the US one. The European one isn’t available yet (or if it is I haven’t found it).

      • Sorry I glossed over that somehow.

    • It’s ugly as sin too, just like the US version of Killzone 2. Hopefulyl we’ll get the beautiful editon, as usual.

  6. Whats SOCOM Special Forces? Is it SOCOM 4?

    Liking the box arts though, especially The Fight and LPB2. Cant wait for Move either.

  7. Have I missed something, I thought the last 4 were in a bundle of ‘short’ games ?

  8. If there’s a blue banner, why include a blue circle as well? It suits some covers (LBP2, Eyepet, Singstar etc.) but totally ruins HR.

    The KZ3 cover looks immense though!

    • KZ3 cover +1… that makes me want it LOTS, mmmm!

  9. The blue circles would be better on the back. But I can live either way :-P

  10. I like the fact it says “Move required” or “Move compatible” on the box. Also the “Classics HD” tag on the Sly boxart indicates that we will be seeing more like that. MGS 1-3?

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