LBP2 & Sly Show Off Move Box Art appear to have gotten their hands on a bucket load of box art for many of the upcoming Move titles. Most are as you would expect but each title now includes a giant blue circle with Move details inside. This looks passable on titles like EyePet but it does spoil others.

The blue circle may only be an issue in Europe. At present there is no Killzone 3 box art available but Kotaku do have the America’s. The blue circle is missing but a 3D logo has been included (though this isn’t included on the European Sly Collection box art).


Sly Cooper has been given brand new art work unlike the God of War Collection which used a rather half hearted approach. There is also a large “Classics HD” banner across the top. The banner itself isn’t great but I’m hoping we see it a lot more of it as I know there are a lot of great PS2 games I’d love to play in HD.

Source: and Kotaku



  1. Does anyone know if the existing EyePet is getting annupdate or if I have to buy it again to get this working version

    • I’d hazard a guess on re releasing Move compatible and patching the current version. Have you tried looking at the description on weather it says it’s differen to the other version? May give you an idea.

    • well Heavy rain is releasing a Move one, and getting a patch for the current version, so I’d say that it’d be the same for Eye-pet.

  2. Shame the MOVE titles aren’t all launch games, but I suppose it’s better to space them out!

    Eyepet, Resident Evil:Gold and Heavy Rain will get free patches to use Nove.

  3. Nooooooooooooooooo…………LBP2 cover is ruined nooooooooooooooo……..

  4. I was looking at these the other day, they all look the business, in fact i ended up finding them after the pricing thingymabob

  5. Just read the article propery, more excited about ClassicsHD – hopefully it’s not just Sony published games that will be appearing under the heading as I’d love to see… yep, you’ve guessed it SSX3 & Tricky Collection

    • Jak and Daxter is one of the main ones I’m after. If publishers see Sony making decent money re-releasing their PS2 games in HD then I’m sure others will follow suit.

  6. Awful, awful, awful.

  7. God I’m glad I bought Heavy Rain before they destroyed the box art.

  8. They all look awesome, especially the KZ3 game which for me cannot come quick enough.

    Really looking forward to move now – think it ill be lots of fun…

  9. KZ3’s box looks pretty awesome, looking forward to it, still not sure if I’m gettin Move though..

  10. The Fight and Killzone 3. I need.

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