FIFA 10 Demo Lands This Thursday

The gaming industry traditionally ramps up their release output as we approach Christmas, but this week’s offerings in lowly September appear to be a rather nice spike in the imaginary chart that tends to plot bugger all during the Summer and far too much in the Winter, with some big hitters releasing onto shelves (and floor space) this week which we’ll come back later.  In the meantime, we’re delighted that EA will be offering a playable demo of FIFA 10 for us Europeans to download from the Store this Thursday.

The demo will include one exhibition match allowing the players to choose from Chelsea, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Marseille, Accrington Stanley or Chicago Fire, and with the cool new 360 degree dribbling feature for the first time in a footy game we’re pretty excited to be getting our hands on this on Thursday.  You’ll also be able to upload your videos to EA’s own Football World too, which is a nice feature for those spectacular goals although we’d probably prefer good old Youtube if anyone apart from the odd first party new how to do it on PS3.


So, with FIFA 10’s demo landing on PS3 and Xbox 360, what else is there?  Well, keeping with demos there’s one of LittleBigPlanet.  Yes, seriously, Media Molecule and Sony will be releasing a playable demo of one of the PS3’s finest games, presumably for the new PS3 Slim crowd that will just be getting into PlayStation this Autumn.  It’s nice timing, with some playable Story mode levels, a sample of user created ones and a smattering of Create pieces to whet the appetites of Sony’s new army of customers eager for free tasters of games.

Don’t forget to drop the US Blog a line at the link above too, asking why they didn’t like to TSA and but were perfectly happy to do so for good ol’ JoyStiq.

So, away from the land of Digital Download and back to the coal face, those all-important shiny floors of GAME, GameStation and all the other independent stores that you love to shop in.  This week sees the release of DiRT 2, a game we can’t get enough of right now and have massive hopes for, and with our full review soon we’ll try to explain why.  Also out is Mini Ninjas, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and three (count ’em) music based games: SingStar Motown, Guitar Hero 5 and Rock Band Beatles.  If you want to sing, drum or strum this weekend you’re covered.

We’ll be updating our release dates page soon, but in the meantime, drop a comment in the box below if you’re thinking of picking anything up this week, and what your thoughts are on the two big demos landing on the Store this week.  Personally I can see why there’s finally a LittleBigPlanet demo but I’m rather partial to a good game of FIFA so that’ll be first on my download queue, and SingStar Motown will hopefully be winging its merry way to us at some point this week so we’ll let you know what that’s all about when it arrives.