Mini Ninjas: Hiro’s Adventure Trademarked by Square Enix

It appears that Square Enix is working on a new title in the Mini Ninjas series, entitled Mini Ninjas: Hiro’s Adventure.

A trademark for the new title has been registered and the domain for has also been bought by Square Enix.

The previous Mini Ninjas title, released in 2009, was developed by IO Interactive and received positive critic reviews. That title was released on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, Mac and DS, so it may be safe to assume that this will also be a multi-platform title. Maybe it will be released on Vita, 3DS and the Wii U.

Source: Nintendo Universe


  1. Awesome! Mini Ninjas was a cute fun game, one of the most fun games to 100%.

  2. Mini Nijas was actually a fun game. Bought it in a 10game bundle and thought nothing of it. But once I played it, was a good laugh.

    The demo however was pants.

  3. Awesome. Mini Nijas was a great little game.

    Not too much to think about on a playthrough, but challenging enough that you couldn’t just sit back & let the platinum happen.

    I would be interested in a sequel i believe. :)

    • I am not sure what ‘Mini Nijas’ is, but both me & kjkg realy enjoyed it apparently!

      Perhaps Ninjas took our lower case ‘n’s?

      But that wouldn’t explain my last sentence…

      • Ha I just noticed that. Think you just copy and pasted. Lazy.

      • To be honest, i wish i had, then i could have just blamed it on you! :)

        Alas, it seems that there is some kind of virus, transferrable through keybords that disallows the use of lower case ‘n’s. At least that’s what i’m sticking to!

  4. MiniNickiNinjaMinaj

    • A ninja that sings badly, the worse you sing the more ninja coins you earn? Sold.

  5. One of the better looking games out there despite it’s cartoonish look. Although it was short it was still one of my favorite games. Simple but fun!

  6. Still have to play this game, demo was nice

  7. Loved Mini Ninjas. Whatever it is I hope it appears for PS3.

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